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Bathroom Design & Renovations Central coast


With more than 30 years' experience in the industry, the team at Re Nu Design Bathroom Renovations on the Central Coast guarantees quality workmanship on each remodel.

We offer a wide range of services to bring your bathroom ideas to life, from the initial design to the finishing touches that complete the feel of a room. We also offer waterproofing and tiling to give you the best longevity for your ensuite or bathroom.
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Bathroom Design — Bathroom Tiling Central Coast in Booragal Close, Kincumber

Bathroom Design

Indulge your creativity when renovating—now is your opportunity to have the freestanding bathtub or wall hung basin you've always wanted.

You may already have a strong idea of how you want your bathroom to look. If not, don't worry. Our experienced designers can assist you with designing a bathroom that is elegant and practical.

When designing your bathroom, our team will take into account:
  • Sizing of baths/showers for yourself or children
  • Storage space
  • Power points
  • Appropriate ventilation
  • Fixtures, such as taps or shower heads
  • Lighting to suit your needs
  • Luxury touches, such as his-and-hers basins or dual shower heads
No matter the design, we can help you maximise your space in a small bathroom or give your outdated décor a modern, chic update.
Bathroom renovation and remodelling — Bathroom Tiling Central Coast in Booragal Close, Kincumber

Renovation and Remodelling

Renovating is our specialty, and we're committed to each project from start to finish. We pride ourselves on being as discrete as possible, getting our work done with minimal disruption and mess within your home.

Our qualified tradesmen will remove existing fixtures and strip out your cupboards and tiles to start fresh. If needed, we can relocate plumbing outlets to accommodate your new layout, as we have a range of qualified tradespeople on our team.

We guarantee the quality of our work from beginning to end and can even supply hardware like taps, shower heads and towel rails to give your bathroom a complete finish.
Bathroom Waterproofing — Bathroom Tiling Central Coast in Booragal Close, Kincumber


Waterproofing your walls and floors will protect them from overspray or moisture in the air, which can cause structural warping, decay, peeling paint and mildew.

In the case of tiling, it is important to complete waterproofing before tiles are laid as this will guarantee the water-tightness of the grout. Each wall has a minimum standard height that waterproofing must be applied to, but for complete peace of mind you may choose to have each wall done floor-to-ceiling.

Waterproofing board also has the added benefit of acting similarly to insulation. It will keep any external walls slightly warmer, which will keep energy costs low and mean you're more likely to enjoy your bathroom on a cold winter morning.
Bathroom Tiling — — Bathroom Tiling Central Coast in Booragal Close, Kincumber


Ceramic tiles are one of the most effective floor and wall coverings in a bathroom, as they are moisture resistant and won't swell or warp when exposed to water.

Customise the look of your bathroom with versatile colours and patterns, while making the space appear larger than it is. Tiles are very easy to keep clean, and unlikely to need replacing until the next time you update your bathroom.

Our qualified team will lay tiles in your ensuite, powder room or bathroom for a stunning, modern look. We can even supply ceramic tiles to keep your costs low and ensure your supplies arrive without delay.